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Approximate fees for 2020-21

All Club fees include a standard number of elements for all teams including outdoor and indoor training, league fees, referee fees, tournaments, etc.  Click on an age group to view more details about what that program outline includes.

  • These fees are an estimate and the actual fees will be determined after rosters are finalized for the 2020-2021 playing year.


  • The $250.00 deposit is due by registration night via the online system with the remainder of team fees due on or near September 1, 2020, and November 1, 2020, January, 1 2021 and February 1st 2021 for the upcoming playing season.  Due to the current situation (Corona Virus) we have moved the regular July payment to February of 2021 just in case the Fall season is delayed.  We are confident by August that the state associations and local governing bodies will have more specific guidelines for youth sports in regards to leagues, tournaments, etc... in the upcoming season.
  • Following the deposit, the remaining fees will be divided into payments as per the above schedule.  Players will not be able to play in the upcoming season if their fees are not paid.  Fees are based on a year-round commitment from both the parents and child. 
  • The Club follows a strict refund policy.  The deposit is non-refundable.  The remaining fee payments are non-refundable after their due dates.  There are a variety of sound reasons for this policy, including refunds having an adverse effect on team rosters and Club finances.  The No-Refund policy is strictly enforced even if players change their mind before the begining of the season.  This includes the pre-season training, tournaments, or the regular season.  Currently, we do not offer multiple child discounts.  As a club, we generate all of our dollars through player fees.  If we have parents that are interested in developing a fundraising program to help offset some child discounts, please contact TESC President, Mike Tooley at president@elmhurstsoccer.com.